17 French businesses are expected to attend the In-Cosmetics Asia 2019 trade fair

France is a world-renowned supplier of raw materials for the cosmetics industry. Certified for their quality and purity, these raw materials comply with the strictest regulations and the requirements regarding social ethics. They are winning over the world’s leading luxury brands. Offering a wide range of vegetable, marine, mineral and chemical ingredients, 17 French businesses are promoting the French Touch at the French pavilion organised by Business France during the In-Cosmetics Asia trade fair in Bangkok from 5 to 7 November.

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According to the Markets and Markets report, the global demand for cosmetic ingredients is expected to reach $17.6 billion by 2020. The global market for cosmetic ingredients has experienced sustained growth, driven by the increased demand for cosmetic products worldwide. This market has the benefit of highly-efficient R&D designed to develop high value-added active ingredients. French businesses are increasingly ingenious in their innovations or improvements to their formulae and in their response to new trends. They must however adapt to regulations that are constantly evolving.

Among the new trends, we note that cosmetic products based on natural and vegetable components are increasingly requested by consumers who wish to ban all toxic products, such as phthalates, phenoxyethanol or even parabens, from their daily lives.

The businesses on the French pavilion stand out by the wide range of products on offer and their ability to innovate and adapt to the specific requirements of their customers:

Actichem Specialized in production of grapevine extracts standardized in natural grapevine resveratrol derivatives. It offers three active ingredients: resveratrox for anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle, viniferol for slimming and anti-cellulite and vitisin for skin lightening.
Agrimer Key player in the seaweed industry for more than 20 years. As a private label creator of marine technologies, the company offers an innovative and large range of cosmetic products with full service including formulation, manufacturing, packaging and marketing.
Aiglon Biosourced lipophilic gels, crystal clear gelifiers / texturisers, certified Codex Petroleum Jellies, biodegradable petroleum jelly, 100% mineral origin, mineral oil free petroleum jellies.
Copalis Located in France with a 60 years experience in marine ingredients, Copalis Industrie is a key player in the valorisation of marine by-products, offering natural innovative ingredients for nutritional and cosmetics applications such as collagen type 1 and 2, elastin and depolymerised chondroitin sulphate for skin beauty and health.
Diffusions Aromatiques Trading company of raw materials for Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Flavors located in France near Grasse. DA sells more than 1,000 references from around the world. The parent company is INDUKERN of Spain, represented in South East Asia by MegaChem based in Singapore.
Ecocert Greenlife is the global leader for cosmetic products’ certification and validates suppliers’ raw materials based on COSMOS standard acknowledged by manufacturers. They guarantee consumers with sustainable ingredients and raw materials by systematic audits on production and transformation sites.
Elixens The natural raw materials come from the heart of their own fields and exclusive farmer partnerships, offering a world of scents and nuances to their customers. Many products are certified organic by Ecocert and fair trade: essential oils, hydrosols, floral waters & plan extracts.
Inabata Through its subsidiary PHARMASYNTHESE, has been developing, manufacturing and trading active ingredients for pharmaceutic and cosmetic industries for more than 25 years. They introduce their new gelling agent INAGEL Green. Composed of a natural polymer extracted from the Japanese superfood.
Interaxion Supply made in France natural and organic certified ingredients: plant extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils, exfoliating powders, floral & fruit waters. They also offer a unique & exclusive 100% Palm-free Organic Glycerin, Cosmetic, Food, Pharma grades (NOP, Natrue, Eur. Ph, & Kosher).
Laboratoire Helpac The distillery is located in the Livradois-Forez Natural Park, a French region with preserved nature and great floral diversity. Our vertical integration allows us to offer many organic products: hydrolats, vegetable oils, essential oils, dietary supplements and cosmetics.
Lessonia Company specialized in the ingredients manufacturing and the custom-manufacture of brands’ cosmetic products. Firstly oriented towards the transformation of seaweed, symbol of the marine and Breton cultural heritage, LESSONIA has progressively expanded its activity to the micronisation of the plant raw materials and to the manufacturing of finished cosmetic products.
Natura-tec Proposes natural butters, waxes, functional emollients, natural emulsifiers and natural active ingredients from both vegetable and marine source. “Green” and “Blue” cosmetics have an important role in their efforts to build eco-awareness and grow to a more sustainable lifestyle.
Quimdis As a distributor of essential oils and aromatic chemicals for more than 30 years, Quimdis has never stopped developing its activity who have evolved towards the preparation and transformation of raw materials, mainly cleaning, decolorization, blending, repacking and standardization.
SACI-CFPA Offers a large range of cosmetic raw materials for Make Up, Skin Care and Toileteries on French speaking countries in Europe. Well known for giving to customers a full service on technical side (regulation, quality, formulation) and logistics (large inventory closed to Paris).
Soniam Creates and produces a wide range of natural and organic plant extracts and actives for the cosmetic industry on different basis: water extracts, oil extracts, glycerin extracts, hydroglycerin extracts, dry extracts. ECOCERT and COSMOS Certifications.
Tech Nature OEM company specialized in turnkey services to beauty brands, professional and retail products. The expertise covers formulation, manufacturing and packaging of cosmetic products under customers’ brands compliant with marketing regulations around the world. 100 % Made in France.
VMI Mixing Laboratory and production homogenizers for the hygiene, beauty and care industry.

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Caroline ESCUDIER - France
Head of Cosmetics Events Project

Chuenrat MENGTRAKUL - Thailand
Healthcare and Cosmetics Export Consultant

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