A program of pro-business reforms to stimulate growth and employment in France

The French government has embarked on a vast program of pro-business reforms, aimed at generating more solid, more inclusive and more sustainable growth.

This national strategy is based around four themes:
- Encouraging investment and employment, in particular through a reduction in corporate taxation;
- Strengthening public policies in favor of supporting corporate growth and innovation;
- Re-establishing the social model by promoting professional mobility and valuing work (labor law, training, unemployment, pensions);
- Transforming the State (administrative simplification and reform of the civil service) while ensuring the balance of public finances.

According to the OECD, the measures adopted since the start of the five-year period of office to improve the functioning of the labor market, strengthen competition, limit government expenditure and contain tax rates would make it possible to increase GDP per capita by 3.2% over 10 years.

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Download a summary of the reforms in France (since 2 years)
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