Applying for a French visa in Thailand

Due to the sanitary crisis of the coronavirus, the processing of short-stay and long-stay visa applications is suspended until further notice.
This decision applies to all the visa categories and all types of passports. All the appointments made with the service provider for the submission of visa applications are cancelled.

During the borders closing, the persons who are allowed to enter France are :

- the European citizens and the British, Irish, Liechtensteiner, Norwegian, Andorran, Monegasque and Swiss nationals, their spouse and their children, the same as the citizens of the Vatican City and of San Marino, their spouse and their children ;

- the foreigners who have a French or European residence permit and who return to their domicile, as well as their spouse and their children ;

- the foreigners who provide international transport of goods ;

- the foreign health professionals who intervene to combat Covid-19 outbreak.

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แก้ไขล่าสุดเมื่อ : 24/03/2020