Cérémonie de signature d’un MoU entre EDF-International Networks et PEA - Mercredi 2 octobre 2019 à PEA Headquarters

Dear SOMPONG PREEPREM, Governor of Provincial Electricity Authority
Dear Marie-Line Bassette, EDF – International Network CEO,
Dear participants,

It’s a great honor for me to be today the witness and sponsor of this MOU between PEA and EDF.

Yes, I am proud to see EDF, one of the jewels of the French energy industry, coming to sign a partnership here, in Thailand, in my country of residence. This makes me optimistic for France, for Thailand and for the Franco-Thai cooperation.

Thailand and France are ancient partners. We are celebrating, this year, the 333rd anniversary of the embassy of Kosapan, the envoy of King Naraï 1, to the court of Louis the XIV in Versailles ! Today, Thailand is the second economy in the ASEAN, and it is our second economic partner in this part of the world. EDF presence will contribute to consolidate this position.

This partnership is also an important challenge for Thailand. The digitization of the country is an ambitious and promising project, both for citizens and local companies. This digitization is primarily through the data acquisition. The Smart Grid project in Thailand is a first step in this direction and in Thailand’s long-term energy strategy. It could be complex to start, to develop this kind of technology and to implement it in the country.

In order to overcome these challenges, Thailand, and its companies, need to surround themselves with people and companies to improve their efficiency and to accelerate the process.

I am convinced that EDF is the ideal partner to accompany you in this process. The company has succeeded in developing and deploying their own Smart Grids solutions throughout France. The project was ambitious and todate, the well-known Linky meters are found all over France. It is now time for EDF to share its experience and technologies to support and help other countries in their transition. And I’m glad to see that happen.

This partnership is only a milestone for Thailand to become a major energy player in the ASEAN region, a pioneer in terms of technology and digitalization.

I am sure that this collaboration will be fruitful for both your companies.

I wish the best of luck to PEA and EDF in their new endeavor. I can assure you that this Embassy will always be supportive of your ambitions.

Thank you.

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publié le 23/10/2019

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