Discours à l’occasion de la célébration de la Fête nationale 2019 à l’hôtel Pullman Bangkok King Power - le 15 juillet 2019

Excellencies, Chers amis, Dear Friends,
Sawadee Khrap,

Bienvenue à tous pour cette célébration de la fête nationale,

Welcome to the celebration of our national day, exceptionally on a 15th of July,

This year, at the initiative of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we also celebrate the 333rd anniversary of the embassy to France of Kosa Pan, the envoy of King Naraï, who arrived in the port of Brest in 1686 before continuing his journey to the court of Louis the XIV in Versailles. And this is why, nowadays, we have a rue de Siam in Brest and a rue de Brest in Bangkok…

This history obliges us. France, Siam and Thailand have been close for a long period of time and they do remain close today, as Thailand enters a new phase of its history, after the elections of March 24 and the splendid coronation ceremonies, which showed the unity of the Nation.

France wants to work closely with the new government. After the visits to Paris of the Prime minister of Thailand last year, we decided, this year, to raise the level of our political consultations.

The interest of French companies for the economic modernization of Thailand remains strong. Thailand is our second economic partner in the ASEAN. A delegation of our business leaders visited the EEC last January. The future Airbus maintenance center in U Tapao airport and the observation satellite Theos II are contributions to the upscaling of the Thai economy. And we hope there will be many others. Thai companies have also started to invest in France, which is a sign of the industrial maturity of the country. And, in order to speed up the development of our economic relations, we support an ambitious free trade agreement between the EU and Thailand.

There is so much more that we do together, in sciences, culture, education, security and regional integration. We face the same global challenges, we play our part in the defense of multilateralism or in the fight against global warming and plastic pollution. Let me pay tribute in this regard to the current presidency of ASEAN by Thailand and in particular to the Indopacific outlook adopted in June. Like France’s own Indopacific strategy, it is centered on the defense of a rules based order.

We are blessed here with so many fantastic partners, be they Thais or French : the business community, the Chamber of Commerce, the Counsellors of Foreign Trade, the French-Thai Business forum, but also the teachers and professors at the French Lycée, at the Alliance française and in the Thai universities, our great network of alumni, the many actors of the wonderful art scenes of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We are proud to work with all of them.

Oui, merci aux CCEF, à la Chambre de commerce, à l’Alliance Française, au Lycée français de Bangkok et au-delà à notre vaste et dynamique communauté française. C’est un bonheur de travailler avec vous !

Thank you also to the companies from Thailand and France for their valuable support, this year again. I shall not mention them all, you can read their names on the backdrop, but I want to say a special thanks to Nongnuch gardens for the plant decoration of the ballroom. Et merci à l’équipe de l’ambassade qui n’a pas compté son temps et ses efforts pour organiser cet événement, sous la houlette de Fabian Forni. Let me also tell you that Peugeot cars are back on the Thai market, and I am sure you have noticed the beautiful 3008 models in front of this hotel.

In conclusion, let me assure you that France is more than ever committed to the European project. We will also proudly host the G7 summit in Biarritz at the end of next month, with a focus on the necessary fight against inequalities. We will convene the second edition of the Paris forum in November. And a hundred years after the last Paris Olympics we are looking forward to hosting again the Olympic Games in 2024. So, as you can see, our window on the world remains wide open.

And now, I would like to ask you to listen to the Royal anthem of Thailand, followed by the national anthem of France, sung by the choir of Triam Udon School.

Please join me in a toast to His Majesty King Rama X and to the people of Thailand…”To His Majesty and the people of Thailand”

Please join me in a toast to President Emmanuel Macron and to the people of France…”To the President and the people of France”

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publié le 25/07/2019

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