Discours à l’occasion de la projection du documentaire français "L’Opéra" à l’Alliance Française de Bangkok - le 8 décembre 2018

Dear Dr. Jingjai
Dear Pascale Fabre,
Dear friends,

I feel privileged to present the French contribution to this year Open-Air European Union Film Festival. This event is a wonderful initiative, gathering 19 countries to celebrate one of the core values of Europe : cultural diversity. And therefore, I’d like to thank first the delegation of the European Union to Thailand for their tremendous effort in making the festival possible. Holding a couple of screenings here is also highly meaningful given that highlighting cultural diversity is the main mission of Alliance Française worldwide. Everyone, whatever his culture, is more than welcome at Alliance Française in order to learn, create and share.

But cultural diversity is also the key purpose of another renowned French institution you will discover or rediscover tonight, and I mean of course the Paris Opera. The documentary you’re about to watch will lead you to its heart, from the backstage to the director’s office, showing the commitment and the emotions of the dancers and musicians but also the challenge of running such a cultural institution nowadays. Because it is indeed a very delicate balancing act to preserve Paris Opera’s prestige while opening the shows to the widest range of audiences, the principle being that everyone should have access to the Opera, whatever your background.

And so I am pleased to introduce such a high quality documentary tonight, not only as Ambassador but also as movie and music lover. I’m also glad that the movie will be rerun in Chiang Mai in a few weeks. There are moviegoers in all provinces of course since, fortunately, cultural diversity thrives not only in Bangkok but all across the country.

And now it is showtime, I’ll stop there and I wish you a great evening.

Thank you

publié le 23/07/2019

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