Discours de la cérémonie d’ouverture de la boulangerie Gontran Cherrier - le 23 novembre 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am glad to join you today for this opening of Gontran Cherrier boulangerie,

The first in South-East Asia and here in Bangkok.

Paris and France are famed for bakery and pastry as you all know, and I must say that undoubtedly La Baguette, most popular French Bread, the butter croissant or the Millefeuille are part of French culture.

Indeed, the neighbourhood bakery, or boulangerie is a staple in French everyday life. Locals usually visit their bakery every day to pick up fresh pastries and bread for the days’ meals.

If you visit France, I invite you to visit a boulangerie-pâtisserie to treat yourself with delicious French specialties.

But, you do not need to travel any more to France to enjoy tasteful specialties thanks to Chef Gontran Cherrier.

He’is one the most high-profile bakers of his generation.

Born in Normandy into a family of bakers and pastry chefs, he is now at the head of over 40 outlets from Paris to Seoul and from Taiwan to Melbourne.

He graduated from one of the best school, the Ecole Ferrandi, and has been trained by the best chefs like Chef Alain Passard.

He’s also a writer with his book “A croquer” and also a TV star with several programmes in France as “The Best Bakery in France”.

Chef Gontran is bringing the best of French savoir-faire in bakery to Thailand and I hope you will enjoy.

Thank You and I wish you Chef all the best !!!

publié le 23/07/2019

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