Discours lors de la conférence de presse de la 6ème édition du projet Galleries’ Night les 1er et 2 février 2019 à la Résidence de France - le 9 janvier 2019

First of all, I wish you the best for this New Year, I hope it will bring you a lot of happiness and exciting projects.

I would like to thank all the partners who have made this 6th Galleries’ night edition possible. Many of you are supporting us on this particular event but also throughout the year. I am happy and grateful to see us share this common passion for arts and culture. And so I shall mention every one of you :

- Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
- Bangkok Bank
- Kasikornbank
- Thaibev ’
- Tourism Authorithy of Thailand
- Jim Thompson Foundation
- Perrier
- Sony
- Bangkok Art & Culture Center
- Pimclick
- Do not Magazine
- and finally, AD magazine

The inspiration for the Gallerie’s night concept comes from Nuit Blanche in Paris, with the aim of bringing together a city, its nightlife, its inhabitants and the contemporary art’s field. So, on February 1st, from 5 pm, visitors will have the opportunity to discover works in more than 30 galleries with tuk tuk crisscrossing the Silom and Sathorn neighborhoods and on February 2nd more than 25 galleries in Sukhumvit area.

This event is also a way to support the growing development, here in Bangkok, of the many spaces dedicated to the arts. From all the previous editions, new passions have sprung, and so many discoveries. There is something very special in this night atmosphere, but it is not so unusual now in Bangkok : this year, Thailand hosts 3 biennials : two in Bangkok and one in Krabi, offering a unique visibility to contemporary art, and I am pleased that this Galleries’ night edition is part of the Bangkok Art Biennale’s program. For the BAB’s last weekend, through Gallerie’s night, the French Embassy in Thailand therefore pays tribute as well to the dynamism of this city that we love, Bangkok.

Yes, Bangkok is one of the Asian capitals that attract art lovers and professionals, as it is confirmed by the number of articles published in the international press about famous Thai artists, collectors and art spaces. Thailand is a new important place in the art market and the French Embassy is proud to support and promote it through this unique event.

Galleries’ night is, obviously, our first cultural event of the year and we are happy that it is a true French-Thai collaborative project : galleries make the artistic choices and program the special events and the Embassy coordinates the communication tools and transportation for the audience.
Galleries’ night is indeed the type of collaborative projects we wish to develop with Thailand : it is more than just making French artistic teams better known, it is also about developing opportunities for exchange and collaboration.

But, what would this event be without its main actors ? Those who are at the heart of this evening : galleries, art spaces and artists ? I want to thank and express my deep appreciation to all the venues that will open their doors during the two evenings, until late at night, to offer visitors various activities to discover contemporary art, curious, newcomers as well as experts. Because This 6th Galleries’ night edition, thanks to its singular form and content, aims to allow contemporary art to be accessible to a larger public.

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publié le 24/07/2019

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