Discours lors de la réception de networking à l’occasion de la mission des pôles de compétitivité mers Bretagne et Méditerranée en Thaïlande à la Résidence de France - le 14 janvier 2019

Dear guests from the Thai and the French maritime industry,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you in this historical residence for one of the very first events of the year.

And therefore I would like first to wish you an excellent year 2019 blessed with professional success and personal fulfilment.

We are here tonight to celebrate the collaboration between Thailand and France in the blue economy sector on the occasion of the visit to Thailand of a French Delegation led by the Sea Innovation Clusters.

The focus is on maritime environment, port infrastructures, shipbuilding, sustainable fisheries and maritime safety.

As a former French Ambassador in charge of climate change negotiations, I have to say that this topic is of special interest to me.

France and Thailand have in common to be maritime nations with very long coastlines. This means that we are addressing the same challenges to find a sustainable balance between economic activities related to the sea on one side, such as tourism, fishery, oil & gas and transportation, and environmental concerns on the other side, mainly related to maritime pollution coastline or conservation of fish species. And by the way, congratulations on the lifting of the EC yellow card, which is excellent news to all of us...
This mission is certainly an excellent occasion to identify possible collaborations between our two countries on such important issues.

Let me take the opportunity to thank Business France, the trade commission of the Embassy, which is organizing this event, supported by the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) of the Ministry for the Economy and Finance and powered by the Sea Innovation Clusters Bretagne and Méditerranée.

No less than 10 French partners are attending this mission : 6 Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (Architeuthis, Capyro, Hydroptic, MERL Consulting, Exavision and Subsea Tech), 2 Multinational companies (Naval Group and Total), one research institute (the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography) and 1 industry association (the Sea Innovation Cluster of Bretagne) and they all are representative of the innovative French maritime industry. These actors have indeed been selected not only for their technological excellence, but also for their strong innovative approach.

During these two days of intense bilateral exchange, our French delegates have the opportunity not only to start discussions with Thai public authorities like the Department of Marine and Coastal Resource from the Ministry of Environment, the Royal Thai Navy or the Port Authority of Thailand, but also to meet with private companies with a view to potential technological partnerships.

More globally, I hope these discussions will trigger in a near future concrete bilateral cooperation between Thai and French counterparts and enhance the relationship of great quality that our two countries already enjoy.

I expect fruitful exchanges for all participants and hope they will provide Thailand with a useful insight into the French expertise in maritime technology.

I wish you all a pleasant evening.

Thank you.

publié le 24/07/2019

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