Discours lors du dîner de gala organisé par la Chambre de Commerce Franco-Thaïe à Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok - le 16 novembre 2018

Dear Alexandre Dupont, President of the FTCC,
Dear Kuhn Oramon Sapthaweetham, Director General Trade Negotiation Department,
Dear members and friends of the FTCC,

I can assure you that my opening address will be short indeed.

As we know, a number of French people often see Thailand as a marvelous country with golden chedis, white sand beaches and magic dancers.

Now that I am Ambassador in Bangkok, and it has been two months and a half only, I realize that this vision is largely warped.

Thailand is indeed an industrialized economy, it is the second economic partner of France in South East Asia and it does attract not only tourists but also French investors and many young individual entrepreneurs.

I wanted to stress that reality tonight because I feel that our bilateral relations are on the eve of a new thrust.

The modernization movements of our economies will bring new investors and open new business channels between our two countries. The EEC law, Thailand 4.0 policy and the development of Thai FDIs in France are very encouraging signs.

We all know how important a good chamber of commerce is to make the most of this new and positive business climate. And I therefore want to thank the Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce for its role, its dynamism and for this beautiful evening, cette merveilleuse soirée.

Thank you

publié le 23/07/2019

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