France, the leading supplier of ingredients to the cosmetics industries of Thailand and the ASEAN countries, is increasing its presence at the sector’s leading Asian trade show: 17 French companies - one third of which are new exhibitors - will be exhibiting their products on the 162 m² of the France Pavilion organized by Business France, at the In-Cosmetics Asia trade show, at BITEC in Bangkok from October 30 to November 1, 2018.

The global cosmetics ingredients market is worth US$21.4 million and is expected to be worth US$26.8 billion by 2020. This sector is very dynamic and the creator of numerous innovations in formulations, using natural, plant-based, synthetic or organic ingredients.

The market share of French raw materials continues to grow steadily (almost 19% per year). Half of French production is provided by companies in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and its wide diversity of regional products. Their range of skills continues to expand - production of raw materials (active plant, marine or synthetic ingredients), design, formulation, packaging - shaping, quality control and distribution. Their high-tech solutions, whose traceability and control are meticulously respected, are increasingly cutting-edge.

French companies, which are working constantly to find new ingredients or to improve formulae, present their most recent innovations: ingredients derived from seaweed, vaselines and gels, green clay or plant extracts, natural aromatic raw materials, the origins of which are certified that are intended not only for the cosmetics industry, but also for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Agrimer offers an innovative and large range of cosmetics for OEM. With a direct access to the ressource, AGRIMER integrates marine technologies in the heart of its cosmetic formulas. Our marine expertise and our R&D unit allow us to create amazing textures and innovative galenics like the Skin Care Caviar, Crushed Ice Gels, Mousse Masks, Oily or Chrono Chrome Peel-Off Masks...
Thanks to our expertise, we can provide you a full service including formulation, manufacture, packaging and marketing.

Aiglon is the only petroleum jelly manufacturer certified GMP part II for APIs. Our petroleum jellies comply with the most stringent French Pharmacopoeia Codex purity requirements. Authorised for oral use.
AIGLOSYN: a range of mineral oil free petroleum jellies.
TRANSGELS: crystal clear gelifiers; ideal for lip gloss, gelified cosmetic oils, waterproof sun care products.
VEGGIE GEL: biosourced lipophilic gels
SMILYN: a biodegradable petroleum jelly, 100% mineral origin

Argile du Velay company has its own clay deposit located in France at the feet of the Auvergne volcanoes where is extracted its exceptional Velay green clay with scientifically proven benefits. Thanks to its strong experience in the field of clays, Argile du Velay is a reference. The company is supplying a large range of high quality colored clays all 100% natural, with no chemical treatment and no pigment. The all range of clays has been Eco-cert & Cosmos approved.

Thalion – leading expert in marine cosmetics – carefully selects the richest seaweeds. This unique know-how as a harvester enables us to preserve the original qualities of these precious plants and integrate them in new formulas. Discover our professional treatments in thalassotherapy centers, spas and beauty salons in more than 50 countries around the world.

ECOCERT Greenlife, global leader in the certification of over 80% cosmetic brands, certifies cosmetic products and validates suppliers’ raw materials based on COSMOS standard allowing recognition of manufacturers. Consumers are being guaranteed sustainable ingredients and raw materials by systematic audits on production and transformation sites.
With over 6400 validated raw materials, ECOCERT holds the largest world database of natural & natural origin approved raw materials for Ecoproducts.

The intoxicating fragrances of tropical plants & authentic freshness of lavender fields in Provence … Our natural raw materials come from the heart of our own fields offering a world of scents and nuances to our customers in fine perfumery, cosmetics & pharmaceutical industries. We offer nature’s vibrant scents, many products certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT & Fair for Life: essential oils, hydrolates, floral waters, absolutes & concretes, balms, Supremes, Substitutes and Light specialties.

Production of Natural raw materials 100% pure and naturals for Perfumery and Flavour compounds:
Essential oils, Concretes and absolutes, Resinoids, CO2 Extract, Colourless products, Specialties.

Set in the French Riviera for over 30 years, FLORESSENCE creates & manufactures fragrance compounds for Personal Care products covering all applications: fine perfumes, toiletries, ambiance candles & diffusers. Our experts study your requests, deliver market trends to implement olfactory strategies & create your signature scent. We specifically tailor solutions to fit your cosmetic prerequisites like allergen-light formulations or 100% natural compounds. Accompanied in Thailand by FT FRAGRANCES.

With an experience of more than 20 years in the field of cosmetics, INABATA has been developing and manufacturing customized active ingredients for the cosmetic industry under the highest quality standards. INABATA combines its creativity in discovering new active ingredients with its process development skills and expertise in industrial manufacturing located in France.This year, INABATA will launch its new antipollution active ingredient StemProtect, for a brigther and younger looking skin.

Interaxion is specialised in the sourcing and distribution of natural and organic certified ingredients for the cosmetic, food and pharmceutical industries.
We offer hydroglycerin extracts, oily macerates, floral & fruits waters, essential oils, vegetable oils, exfoliating powders, dried extracts, clays, micropowders.
We also offer an exclusive 100% palm-free Organic Glycerin (made from Karanja) which is Cosmos, NOP, Natrue & Kosher certified.

LABORATOIRE SONIAM creates and produces a wide range of NATURAL and ORGANIC plant EXTRACTS and ACTIVES for the cosmetic industry on different basis: Water extracts, Oil extracts, Glycerin extracts, Hydroglycerin extracts, Dry extracts. LABORATOIRE SONIAM has the ECOCERT and COSMOS Certification for its organic certified references.

Lessonia is a specialized in the manufacturing of natural ingredients for cosmetic products. LESSONIA offers a variety of high performance products classified as:
- The largest choice of natural exfoliating ingredients
- Flowers and petals used as decorative particles for skin care
- High tech active ingredients from marine origin
- European leader for sheet masks (private label only)

Natura-Tec is a natural solutions provider to the personal care industry offering a wide portfolio of vegetable and marine based ingredients. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of vegetable butters, waxes, functional emollients, natural emulsifiers and natural active ingredients we base our research and development on sustainable, renewable, ecofriendly and novel technologies in order to provide improved efficacy, natural origins and innovation to modern cosmetic products.

Odycea specializes in the identification, extraction and purification of rare bioactive substances from marine, plant and mineral origin. It believes in taking inspiration from botanical intelligence to reveal skin intelligence resulting in the creation of exceptional active ingredients for use in the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics fields. The company is established on the picturesque north coast of Brittany (France).

SACI-CFPA is offering a large range of cosmetic raw materials for Make Up, Skin Care, Sun Care and Toileteries on French speaking countries in Europe. Our company is very well known for giving to customers a full service on Technical side (Regulation, Quality, Formulation) as well as on Logistics (large inventory closed to Paris).

Technature is a FRENCH OEM/ODM company delivering full turnkey services. Our expertise covers formulation, manufacturing and packaging of cosmetic products under customers’ brands compliant with marketing regulations around the world. Technature is known worldwide to be an innovative company, creating new concepts and formulas for brands (WoW Products®, bubble mask, biocellulose, hydrogel,...). Certified by Ecocert (can supply organic products) & ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices).

VMI is the leading expert for mixing cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, from laboratory to production. Since its creation, 60 years ago, VMI has focused its energy and know-how on mixing processes. Our solutions are applicable to basic processes as well as to those more complex which require much specific and elaborate implementation combining several mechanical and physical operations. Today, the efficient and cost effective VMI solutions are recognized by clients in over 50 countries.

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