Franco-thai Cooperation on Civil Aviation

JPEGSigning ceremony of the annex of a technical cooperation agreement between Ms. Emanuela Gellini from DGAC and Dr Chula Sukmanop from CAAT on 22 September 2016.

The links between the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and its Thai counterpart, CAAT, are strong. As early as 2000 a technical cooperation agreement was signed between the two civil aviation authorities and, in the framework of this agreement, multiple cooperation and training programmes have been conducted during the past 15 years.

Following the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) audit from January 2015, it was therefore natural that Thai and French civil aviation authorities work together to enhance safety and compliance with ICAO recommendations.

An annex to the existing agreement was signed on 22 September 2016 to formalize this renewed cooperation, which will span over two years. It will focus on organization, national regulation, licensing, operations and airworthiness. Training will be also provided to the CAAT personnel.

With the support of Airbus, expert missions will be carried out in 2017, implementing point by point the joint action plan defined with the CAAT. A French expert will take full residence in Bangkok for the duration of the project and will work daily with Thai authorities.

The objective is for CAAT to set up a continuous surveillance system of all airlines flying in Thailand and to overhaul the safety management system (SMS) in accordance with ICAO international requirements.

At a moment when Thailand is facing a significant growth in air traffic, this task is a serious challenge for both partners. It is also a challenge in which failure is not an option. The final objective of this Thai French cooperation is to achieve CAAT vision : “Thailand’s civil Aviation to become internationally recognized in 2020”

publié le 01/08/2018

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