French Government measures to assist companies and workers impacted by COVID-19

(Last update : May 11th, 2020)
The French government has drawn up a plan for the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions and has called for the full resumption of economic activity in France as of 11 May.

The overall aim is to restart the economy in such a way that the virus, which is still active in the population, does not continue to spread, with the authorities, companies, employees, schools and public transport working together to suppress Covid-19 as much as possible.

In order to give some general guidelines to companies in preparation of their employees’ return to work, the Ministry for Labor published on May 4 a “National Easing of the Lockdown Protocol to ensure the health and the safety of employees”. This document specifies the general doctrine of collective protection that private sector employers must put in place.

An economic recovery plan will be implemented from September onwards and will focus mainly on the following:

• Corporate investment
• Demand support mechanisms
• Support for sectors in difficulty (tourism, automotive, aerospace, etc.)
• European coordination

All these measures will also aim to speed up the decarbonization of the French economy.

This economic recovery plan, which will complete the overall budget allocated to supporting the economy, amounts to €110 billion (initially €45 billion), in direct aid to companies that would encounter proven difficulties linked to this health crisis in terms of their operations in France. This is in addition to €315 billion in state guarantees given to businesses (€1,000 billion for the combined member states of the eurozone). An emergency law to handle the Covid-19 epidemic and to allow the implementation of these measures was published in the Journal Officiel on March 24, 2020.

It includes the immediate application of emergency measures that aim to:

Guarantee the widest economic continuity possible whilst protecting the health and safety of employees,
Safeguard employment and skills,
Preserve companies’ financial health, from SMEs to large corporates, both in terms of treasury and financing requirements,
Adapt the specific measures to each line of business when necessary.

The French government has made every effort to provide detailed and updated information on the evolution of the epidemic (Government Website). Clear advice is published daily, and includes the following: Conseils aux voyageurs (Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs), points de situation et précautions sanitaires (Ministry for Health), questions-réponses actualisées quotidiennement (Prime Minister’s website). A call center providing all the relevant information has also been set up: 0 800 130 000 (in French only).

France has also activated several R&D and clinical trial programs at the national and European level, notably through the REACTING initiative, and has pushed at the EU and G7 level for a better sanitary and R&D coordination in order to produce biological test diagnostics and to find leads for treatment of COVID-19.

Please find more information in the document below.

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French Government measures to assist companies and workers impacted by COVID-19 (Last update : May 11th, 2020)
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